What is passive fire protection?

Passive fire protection measures achieve their intended purpose by raising the fire resistance of the structure to a specific level, minimising the speed with which flame, smoke and heat can travel through a building through effective compartmentalisation, and decrease the risk of fire-induced collapse or structural distortion. By slowing the travel of fire, firestopping measures allow greater control over evacuation, as well as greater periods of time for the attending emergency services to gain access, while by protecting the structural integrity of the building, intumescent coatings decrease the risk of fatal collapse as well as rebuild time and cost after the event.

As a specialist passive fire protection contractor, Pyrotect installs a range of measures that protects the lives of those using the building, as well as the assets held within it.

What do we deliver?

Our accredited team have experience in a variety of sectors, including schools, hospitals and heritage sites, and are on hand to offer advice and support throughout your project. Whether it’s discussing the most cost-effective solutions at tender stage or advising clients and contractors on already on site, we utilise our relationships with the technical departments of all our suppliers to ensure any advice on works is backed up with manufacturers’ warranties and complies with tested solutions.

In addition to our firestopping and paint solutions, we also offer advice and installations on air and acoustic seals in cavities that have been compromised by service penetration, offering a comprehensive package to ensure your project is compliant with the most up to date standards in fire protection, smoke reduction, air and gas sealing and acoustic control.

Selecting the best solutions for your building can be a daunting task in the face of a multitude of regulations.

Our team can guide you through the most appropriate solutions for your building.

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