Passive Fire Protection for Government, Local Authority and Public Service

Tendering for public sector contracts can be a complex and multi-faceted process. Main contractors are required to demonstrate deliverables beyond build quality and regulatory compliance, to also meet performance criteria in sustainability, lifecycle value and social value.  As an experienced subcontractor in public sector projects, Pyrotect understand the needs and requirements of the end users/clients, and are able to support the tendering and delivery processes our main contractor customers must follow on these developments.

We have a wealth of experience in large-scale and complex projects and our highly-qualified teams understand the need for reliable, transparent relationships with site management to make these projects a success. We were delighted to be part of Interserve’s development of the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre in Loughborough where we delivered a £1.7m passive fire protection package in the new specialist recovery facility.

New-build project collaboration

Pyrotect has worked alongside main contractors to deliver compliant, certificated passive fire protection on government, local authority and public buildings nationwide. Delivering our services in Her Majesty’s prisons, detention centres and courtrooms, MoD facilities, fire stations, police buildings and support centres, council offices and a wide portfolio of schools, we’ve developed vast experience of working in a wide range of environments, sometimes highly sensitive in nature.

We’ve learnt how, as a subcontractor, we can maximise the positive impact we can have on these projects, and we work closely with main contractors throughout the process, from tendering to handover, to create a collaborative partnership.

Through early engagement in the partnership, we are able to support main contractors in developing a realistic budget for passive fire protection, and further build on this throughout the project by facilitating smoother co-ordination with the trades around us in the build schedule. This not only delivers economic efficiencies, but also embeds a ‘right first time’ mentality across the trades which minimises avoidable material usage and waste, decreases vehicle emissions output by eliminating unnecessary journeys through more efficient installation, improves lifecycle value and supports main contractors in delivering the project on schedule.

We also understand the wider community connection with these buildings, which is why at Pyrotect we are proud that our package also delivers value on the capital expenditure through quality, sustainability and social value activities.

New build site? Our Sales team will be pleased to talk through your site and the specification you are working to build a realistic quotation whether you are at tender stage or have an order to place. Call the team on 01530 416870 or email

Fire safety during the building lifecycle: refurbishments, maintenance and ongoing compliance

Whether its transport hubs, postal services, emergency services or the justice system, Government and public buildings are typically busy places and often home to critical services. Their central position in national life means these buildings must remain open, with the live environment creating additional challenges for building and maintenance works.

Pyrotect has a wealth of experience in working with main contractors to deliver compliant passive fire protection in the midst of a bustling environment, recently working in high footfall transport hubs such as Wolverhampton Railway Station, various police facilities and a national network of Royal Mail distribution centres. Our teams liaise closely with site or facilities managers to put additional measures in place that safeguard the wellbeing of the public, including flexibility in working hours to suit the natural flow of the site, tight controls on tools, noise and dust, or simply using additional barriers and signage. 

Fire surveys

The high profile, busy nature of these buildings makes passive fire compliance critical in protecting the lives of the buildings’ users. Supporting building managers, facilities managers and nominated end users, our certified Fire Inspectors conduct fire surveys, identifying non-compliance, damage and vulnerabilities in passive fire protection and creating a remedial measures action plan to suit the dynamic nature of public buildings.

Our commitment:

In order to meet the project objectives of government, local authority and public buildings, our teams provide the following:

  • Pre-start meeting to capture all site-specific needs and considerations, and outline sequencing
  • Deployment of qualified, experienced site installation teams
  • Detailed, site-specific RAMS
  • Briefing with site teams prior to commencement
  • Regular catch-ups with site/facilities teams to ensure smooth project delivery, check sequencing flow is still workable and address any changes (particularly in live environments)
  • Flexibility in working patterns to suit the flow of live sites
  • DBS checked/ enhanced security clearance on site teams where required
  • Value-based contracts, supporting project objectives in quality, sustainability and social value
  • Quality assurance throughout and certification on completion

Facilities Manager or Building Manager of an existing building? Our certified fire inspectors can walk you through the fire survey process and identify any areas of non-compliance that put your building at increased risk, and identify a remedial action plan. Contact the team on 01530 416870 or email for more information.