CSR, environment & sustainability in Construction

We understand that our activities have an effect on both our natural and built environment and the communities that live in them. We believe as an organisation that we have a social responsibility to make a positive impact on the world around us. 


We take measures to monitor the impact we have on the environment, from waste disposal and recycling to carbon emissions. All employees are encouraged and empowered to take responsibility for their environmental impact, reducing waste and inefficiencies wherever they can.

We select our supply chain carefully, working with suppliers who can also demonstrate their active steps towards a cleaner environment, from seeking more environmentally friendly products to compliance with FORS and fleet efficiency.


Passive fire protection is the delivery of solutions to preserve the structural integrity of a building in the event of fire, maximising the protection of life whilst also minimising the costs and materials needed for rebuild and facilitating quicker building recovery and continuity. As a result, sustainability and longevity runs through the heart of what we do.

We strive for sustainable and ethical procurement, working with our supply chain to use effective products that offer the most positive environmental, social and economic impacts possible, from suppliers who share our values.

Through our accreditations, including ISO 9001:2015, we are constantly evaluating and auditing our processes and procedures to ensure that we can deliver greater levels of client satisfaction whilst increasing our efficiency and decreasing our energy consumption to ensure the long-term sustainability of both Pyrotect and the environment around us.


At Pyrotect we are committed to the wellbeing of communities in which we work.

We are mindful of the environment we are working in and take steps to minimise the impact we have on those resident around our locations, whether this is considerate parking, minimising noise or minimising dust. We have experience of working across various sectors, including health and education and are mindful of the sensitive nature of these environments, particularly when end users are in occupation.  

We understand that investing in our people and creating a skilled workforce are integral to our social responsibility and are committed to the investment and ongoing employability of our team. All employees are offered training through our ongoing training programme, with a focus on personal development and growth. We also work with local colleges to support apprenticeships and currently have colleagues undertaking apprenticeships in our finance and contract administration teams.

We operate a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) to create an environment where all our staff feel safe and supported, are able to achieve their potential and understand the contribution they make not only to Pyrotect, but also the industry, our clients and the end users we serve to protect.