Intumescent paint is a thin film coating applied to structural steel members to protect against fire. When activated by the heat of a fire the intumescent coating expands, generating a foam-like char that insulates the metal from the external heat, maintaining the structural integrity of the steel encapsulated within.

Most intumescent coatings are applied by spray, creating a quick, cost-effective method of achieving up to two hours of fire protection on structural steelwork.

Sensitive to temperature and humidity and with efficacy heavily dependent on application under optimum conditions, intumescent paint can be challenging to apply effectively, and the use of an accredited specialist with trained installers and a demonstrable testing process is highly recommended.

Testing and inspection – managing quality in applications

In order to demonstrate the efficacy and reliability of an application our experienced intumescent teams – led by Jason Loughran, our Contracts Manager for paint – follow a documented ongoing test and inspection programme from pre-commencement to handover.  

From initial engagement with the site management team, our sprayers continuously monitor and evaluate site conditions, including humidity, dew point, air and steel temperature, and record these alongside a rigorous testing programme of wet and dry film thickness and marked up drawings. This QA process means that not only does our customer have assurance in the application, but they have documented evidence to provide the same confidence for the client or end user.

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