Fire Surveys

Our building had firestopping installed when it was built.
Why should I get a fire survey?

Remedial works, refurbishments, renovations, installation of a new HVAC system, new plumbing, new wiring. Works involving a building’s walls have several obvious repairs that need to be completed after the works are finished, including sanding the walls, replastering, or at least patching the holes, and redecorating. But if the works have been to a compartment wall, penetrations that have not been resealed with firestopping materials leave the compartment line weakened and vulnerable to being breached by heat, smoke and flame sooner than might be expected, putting lives at unnecessary risk.

How can Pyrotect help?

With four qualified fire inspectors in our team, we are able to provide comprehensive fire surveys with a detailed report of findings. Conducting a building walkthrough with the nominated Responsible Person, our fire inspectors will assess all aspects of existing firestopping in place, along with the building’s fire strategy, highlighting any areas of concern and suggesting any remedial works required to ensure that the measures in place are both compliant and intact.

Our knowledgeable team have completed surveys for clients across the UK, in a variety of sectors and with varying degrees of complexity, whether across one building or multiple buildings and campuses in an estate, with experience of delivering estate-wide standardisation projects.

Are you a landlord, owner, employer, building manager or facilities manager?

Our certified fire inspectors can walk you through the fire survey process and identify any areas of non-compliance that put you at increased risk.

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